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Did you know that for every order you place, we plant a tree?

We donate your trees to our planting partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, who work to restore healthy forests and reduce extreme poverty around the world by hiring local villagers to plant millions of trees each year.

Taking on the tour

There's a famous bike race that happens every year in July, it rhymes with Tour de Prance. The current rules say only men can ride the 3460km stage race. But, just like us, these women don't care too much for rules...

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The Zwift Double Everest

Climbing almost 18,000m on a turbo trainer - the height of Everest twice. This was the challenge Attacus ambassadors Francis Cade and Alex Hill set for themselves during lockdown. A brutal challenge for a fantastic cause, their fierce effort has so far raise thousands of pounds for the UK's National Health Service.

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We're sorry to announce that we're currently experiencing severe delays on deliveries to mainland Europe and Canada.

These delays are due to knock-on effects from Covid-19, issues at the UK border and the suspension of some Royal Mail services which are unfortunately beyond our control.

If you'd like to place an order with us, we'll get it packed and shipped out as soon as we're able to.

Orders to the UK remain largely unaffected, though you may encounter a short delay in delivery due to bank holidays and local Covid-19 knock-on effects to Royal Mail in your area.

We apologise for these delays and thank you for your patience.

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