Introducing The Sweet Spot Collection

You may have heard the term ‘sweet spot’ used by pros or serious amateur cyclists alike. It’s about finding a perfect balance between a number of factors, to maximise the benefits of what you have undertaken. 

In cycling, it refers to the perfect point at which you can balance how long and how hard you train - push any harder and you’ll have to end the session too soon, go easier and you won’t get the most benefit out of the time spent riding.

At Attacus our design philosophy is to find the ‘sweet spot’ in every garment we make. To achieve that perfect balance between performance, function and cost.

Attacus cycling summer short sleeve slim fit jersey new colours grey black and white stripesAttacus cycling summer short sleeve slim fit jersey new colours blue fade

Of course, as with anything, striking a perfect balance is not a short or straight forward road. It takes expertise, testing and time. In our case, fourteen months of it to be exact.

Finding the sweet spot

We utilised the expertise of our world-class textiles experts, pattern makers, sewing and fabric cutting professionals to get the best possible fit, comfort and function we could. We developed, we tested on the road, we reworked, and retested - until we were satisfied.

Attacus cycling summer short sleeve slim fit jersey new colours green

We identified the key functional features that would allow each of our garments to fully support riders, whether they're heading out on an epic adventure or just heading out to conquer their local roads, and honed them over months of rigorous testing until we could prove it works the best it can.

We then stripped away anything extra that adds little to no value to your riding. That way, we can give our customers maximum value for their money. 

Attacus cycling short sleeve purple summer jersey and black and white bib shortsAttacus cycling summer short sleeve slim fit jersey new colours pink purple

We do our absolute best to simplify every garment that we make. We don’t compromise on quality. Often simply choosing the cheapest option won’t give you the best outcome - especially in a product that needs to perform well. But piling on every expensive feature available, and driving up cost for customers without assessing whether they’re really necessary won’t equal maximum benefit either. You have to work smart. So that's exactly what we've done.

Our Sweet Spot Collection is our biggest and most labour-intensive range to date.

The introduction of our new women's line meant considering every aspect of our offering from two perspectives. 

Attacus cycling summer short sleeve slim fit jersey pink blue turquoise yellow 80s pattern

We're in a uniquely valuable position as a brand owned by both one female and one male cyclist. Each stage of the design and development processes of our men's and women's lines has been lead and signed off by founders Jimmi and Emily.

Every fabric selection, every stitch, every gripper, chamois, zip, collar and cuff added is carefully considered to ensure the most comfortable, functional fit.

Attacus cycling summer short sleeve slim fit jersey new colours greenAttacus cycling black short sleeve summer jersey cycle squad and black bib shorts

This collection is without a doubt our best summer range yet. We’ve massively upped our game with construction and materials. We’ve created more designs and sizing options than ever before. And we’ve worked smart to give customers maximum benefit for their money.

That is our Sweet Spot Collection.


 Attacus sweet spot summer short sleeve cycling jersey in blue fade design 

This sleek, slim fit jersey is made for the open road. It may have all the seriousness of a technical bit of sports kit, but it has all the attitude of a free-spirited adventurer.

 Attacus sweet spot summer short sleeve cycling jersey in blue fade design

We’ve worked closely with our pattern makers and sewing experts to create our most comfortable fit yet for both men and women. 

They're slim fit, so they hug nicely and work well as a performance garment without being overly clingy.

The jersey features a drop collar that narrows at the front and shortened zip length for better comfort when you're in a riding position. It’s hemmed with super-stretch elastic and an extra silicon band at the back to ensure it sits comfortably and stays in place.

Attacus sweet spot summer short sleeve cycling jersey in mod green design

All jersey fabrics are not created equally. And it’s one area where you definitely get what you pay for. After months spent sourcing and testing, we settled on two premium technical Italian fabrics that stood out by a mile. 

They’re both lightweight, breathable, sweat wicking and offer the perfect amount of stretch without any sag. The front and arms are made from a solid spandex that provides a crisp based for printing designs. The back panel is made from a super-fine mesh for added breathability on super-hot days.

Attacus sweet spot summer short sleeve cycling jersey in 1980s pink yellow blue turquoise geometric design

We're breaking all the rules this year, by releasing a set of new jerseys in the double digits. Our designs pay homage to everything from 1960s British mods and rockers culture to the '90s rave scene and the tranquility of solo pre-dawn rides. 

We don't really buy into the idea of enforcing separate designs on men and women - we think you should be able to choose. So we've made our 10 new patterns available in both men's and women's sizes. As they say, go big or go home. 


Attacus sweet spot cycling bib shorts black and white

Never underestimate the importance of a great pair of bib shorts. We’ve created two simple, slick designs designed to pair with any of the jerseys in our collection.

But don’t let their simple appearance fool you, these shorts are one of the most technical bits of kit we’ve developed so far. And we’ve definitely let the fit do the talking. 

Attacus cycling bib shorts chamois

Our new bib shorts are fitted with top-end Cytech endurance male and female-specific chamois. When founders Emily and Jimmi began testing chamois, they weren't expecting to reach the same verdict. But this pad stood out by a mile for both of them. 

The high-density foam makes them perfect for long, epic adventures as well as shorter days on the road. 

But what really makes this model so great is its versatility. Unlike many chamois on the market which are overly structure (and can become uncomfortable over time as they lose their shape), its neutral profile makes it compatible with virtually any saddle. Seriously, it’s a dream to sit on. 

Here’s what had to say about our chamois: “As you would expect from a company that's provided chamois for many Tour de France winners, this one is supremely comfortable.”

Attacus womens cycling bib shorts forever black

Fit and comfort was our top priority with these shorts. And with the expertise of our pattern makers, we’ve designed these shorts both to stretch and give support where you need it. 

Our bibs are made with our new premium Italian compression fabric which offers the just right amount of compressive support. And unlike lighter lycras, it doesn’t sag over time. 

Finished with flat lock seams, soft mesh bibs and discreet silicon grippers, you’re in for one smooth ride.

Attacus cycling bib shorts in black

We’ve worked for over a year to make certain our bibs are all about substance. But style is important to us too. We wanted a stealth base to compliments each of our ten jersey designs. Our pre-dying process means they’ll stay crisp black - even when stretched and after a season of washes.



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