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Crash Repairs Service For Attacus Garments

Attacus crash repair service

It's important to us to reduce our impact on the environment. That's why we encourage our customers to fix their kit where possible, rather than always buying new.

Whether you’ve had a crash, or just have an Attacus garment that could do with a fix, we offer a repairs service to help keep your kit rideable. All garments are repaired locally near our UK headquarters. 

Attacus Crash repair

How it works
  1. Use the form at the bottom of the page to send us a message telling us about the item or items you need repairing. Please provide as much detail as you can, including what the item is and a description of each hole, rip or tear.
  2. We'll then get in contact with you and may ask you for some extra information, including a few pictures of the garment.
  3. Once we've got that sorted, we'll send you a link via email to pay the service fee (see prices below).
  4. Once you've paid, you can then send your kit back to us. 
  5. We'll inspect your garments and work with our local team of experts to do your repairs. 
  6. We'll then post your kit back to you. Happy days. 

Just a heads up, we won't be able to process or return any kit that's sent to us without payment. So please don't send it until you've paid.

Please note that we're a small team and, at present, don't have the capacity to repair other brands' kit. 

UK Repairs Service Fee
If you're based in the UK, repairs start from £15 per item. This covers the cost of the repair plus the postage back to you. Most minor repairs will be £15, however if there is more extensive or complex damage, we may need to charge more. 
International Repairs Service Fee
If you're based outside of the UK, it's worth considering that it may be more cost effective and better for the environment to get your repairs done locally. However if you do need us to do your repair, repairs start from £30 per item. 

Attacus Repairs service

What to expect from your repair
We promise to get your kit back in working order wherever possible. If it's a small tear, we may be able to stitch it back together discreetly without the need for a patch. If it's a larger tear or a hole has formed in the fabric, it's likely that it will require patching with new material. Either way, we aim to fix the issue as discreetly as possible, but please be aware that the appearance of your garment may be altered. We like to think of it like a cool scar you get to show off and regale the tale of how you got it to your mates at the coffee stop.
If for any reason we're unable to fix your garment, we'll send you a 20% discount code to use on a like-for-like item.
Closing the loop
We want to help close the loop on our manufacturing by recycling materials from the garments we produce wherever we can. Each season, we end up with unworn garments that, for one reason or another, can't be sold. So rather than letting them build up and go to landfill, we recycle the fabrics from all unused samples and seconds to create the patches that go into your repairs. There's no compromise on quality, but you get to know that you're doing a little bit of good for the planet.


We're here to help with your repair. Fill out the form below and let's get started...


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