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What's On The Horizon

What's On The Horizon

In case you missed it, Attacus has gone through a bit of a change recently, with new owners, Lindsay and I (Dan) taking on the challenge of re-energising the Attacus Cycling Club! Find out more about us, and the change here.


What we've been doing...

Since the handover, we've been diving into the nitty-gritty, finding out what kit you loved in the past, and what we think you'd love out of the next launch. The pre-order went live on Friday with some fan favourites and a few new coloured jerseys, and the response was incredible, so thank you for that!

The kit will be here at the start of March and we will ship the pre-orders right away.

We had to limit what we're launching, to ensure the delivery would be on time for Spring, but we've already got plans for a second launch later on in the season with all new designs and the popular cruiser jersey loads of you have asked for.

There's also a new product on the way *cough* wallet, that will protect your phone from the elements, and keep your keys and coffee money safe and dry.


Zwift Frisky

Missed those Attacus Cycling Club Zwift rides?

There we so many messages in the inbox for the Zwift rides to start up again. We've added a new twist to these rides, inspired from our local CC, with the Zwift Frisky.

20-30 miles of all out effort, working together to stay away or catch the group in front, and try not to get dropped (like I did on the last one!)

Sound grim? There's been a good range of people of all abilities and usually 3 or 4 groups end up working together, each week getting that little bit stronger!

Usually 8pm on a Wednesday, you can find the rides here.

Want something to listen to while you ride? Check out our Spotify playlist, inspired by your favourite music.


Gearing up for Fred

@cyclist_mag @_andrewgrant

Those of you who have been to one of our zwift rides probably knows I've signed up for the Fred Whitton by the elevation of the rides (promise the next one will be flat.)

If you're also mad enough to sign up, let me know how your training is going and come and say hi on the day!


Ambassador Announcement

We are super excited that Francis Cade will be wearing Attacus kit again in 2024, and with what he has planned this year on the bike, there's going to be some awesome rides!

We are opening the doors to a few new ambassadors for 2024, so if you'd love to represent the brand, send us a message:


March Madness

Being mine and Lindsay's first ever kit launch shoot, we wanted to do something exciting and challenging. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but watch this space for an announcement as it will be BIG and we'd love for people to get involved.


Ride Out's

Ride bikes. Drink coffee (&beer). Eat pizza.

If this sounds like a good day to you, keep an eye on the emails as we plan to do multiple ride outs to celebrate the launch of our SS24 range. 

Early April, we are thinking of setting off from a local coffee shop in the Beds/ Bucks area and also keeping the Attacus roots and hosting one in Newcastle.

Dates TBC and tickets on sale soon.


Lindsay Want's a New Bike

When I told Lindsay we'd have to be out on our bike more getting content, that was all the excuse she needed for a new bike (and I agreed it's time for an upgrade.) We want your suggestions for a good mid range women's road bike, send them to


Big Shoutout to You

Before we roll out, I just wanted to say a huge shoutout to you.

The Attacus community has given the brand the awesome rep is has today, we've had so many messages saying how much people love Attacus and that can't wait to order more kit, and we want to keep those wheels turning (sorry, been holding back all the puns until now.)

Pre-Order Your Spring Kit



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