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Sustainability and Ethical Manufacturing

Sustainability and ethical manufacturing are issues that are really important to us. Here we explain what we're doing to limit our impact on the planet and keeping our workers safe.


Currently the vast majority of our products are made by one small manufacturer in Italy which we have been working with pretty much since our inception. They're regulated under and are fully compliant with EU labour laws which are some of the most stringent in the world and include rights to fair pay, good working conditions and no forced labour. We specifically picked them because they were very open about their working conditions and we felt assured that although we'd be paying slightly more for products, we weren't being complicit in exploitation of workers. 

We're very hands-on with the factory and typically visit twice a year to work on new products and get to see how production is running. They're a pretty small-scale operation compared to lots of manufacturers, but as we're still a relatively small business ourselves we don't currently have to rely on large scale manufacturing facilities. Similarly our caps are also currently made by a neighbouring small-scale, more specialist Italian factory just down the road from our main factory and we’re also confident in the integrity of their operation and fair treatment of their workers. 

Our Off Bike collection is all Fair Wear Foundation certified. The Fair Wear Foundation is an independent organisation dedicated to the promotion and certification of lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing. It means the clothing was made in vetted factories that meet the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights standards. They're then screen printed in Sunderland, UK, which is about 10 miles from our office. Lastly, a small number of our more specialist on-bike items such as our bags, gloves and socks are produced in more dedicated, specialist factories in Asia. In these cases we only use factories which have been vetted and approved by independent third party inspectors to ensure adequate working conditions. If you'd like to know where a specific product is made, click on the product and scroll to the Features & Fabrics section.


We've already introduced fully recyclable, naturally biodegradable paper packaging and plant trees for every order we receive with the help of our planting partner Eden Reforestation Projects

We also offer free fibre-filtering kit wash bags with qualifying orders, which are specially designed to catch harmful microfibres which can be shed during the washing of synthetic fabrics. These fibres are found in pretty much every garment we all own, and if not caught they end up polluting drainage, fresh water and the ocean. The bag also limits the amount of shedding in the first place, which not only helps stop ocean pollution, it also helps kit last longer as it doesn’t degrade as quickly. If you already have a bag, you can opt to plant more trees instead!

We also run very limited stock lines and only restock items we identify as being in-demand so that we're never over-producing and being left with mountains of unsold old season stock. We'd rather sell what we have than constantly overbuy, discount and potentially create waste. 

We even offer a crash repair service to get old Attacus kit back in working order. The patches we use for repairs come from seconds or samples we have, so nothing goes to waste. And on the rare occasion something does arrive faulty, where possible we alway try to repair rather than replace.

Lastly over the past 12 months we've put a huge amount of work into sourcing and testing recycled fabric technology and have set ourselves the goal of introduce recycled fabrics and components across most, if not all, of our ranges within the next five years.

Learn  more about how we're using recycled material technology

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