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About us

Attacus is a small, independent British clothing brand founded by cyclists Jimmi Nicholls and Emily Childs. It was then acquired by Dan & Lindsay in December 2023, you can read more about the change here.

Launched the best part of a decade ago, we've built our name on making contemporary, well-thought-out, great fitting clothing that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the most comfortable on the market. 

Our brand started from a desire to find high quality technical clothing that not only reflected our collective styles, but also our values. We weren't racers, we didn't care about 'gains' and we couldn't get on board with the elitist mentality that sometimes attaches itself to high-end cycling brands. 

Instead, we set out to build a community. A welcoming space for like minded cyclists from all walks of life to indulge in their shared interest. No matter what you look like or what bike you ride, we wanted to create a space without judgement, open to all. Leave your egos at the door.

No Rules, Just Ride. That's our motto.

We call that community the Attacus Cycle Squad. The Attacus Cycle Squad badge has adorned many of our kit designs ever since our brand’s inception. It serves as a reminder of our 'cycling for all' ethos, an emblem to be worn with pride.

We care a lot about our community, our customers and about our impact on the planet, and our biggest goal is for that to show in everything we do here at Attacus.

We don't sell to shops. Instead we only sell direct to our customers via our website. We also carry low stock runs on many of our products and do pretty much everything in-house – from building the website and doing all of the product photography to sending out orders. In fact the only thing we don't do is physically make the clothing – this is done by our supplier in Italy whom we work really closely with. But these strategies mean we don't have to over inflate our product margins. So we don't. Instead we price products appropriately based on their quality and cost to us, and pass those savings directly to our customers so that they benefit all year round.

We love to support and champion people who are doing awesome things on bikes, from a double Everesting that raised over £16,000 for the UK's National Health Service to a team of women who each rode the entire route of the men's Tour de France to campaign for greater parity in our sport.

The InternationElles being greeted on the Champs Elysees by a crowd of photographers and fans after completing the Tour de France route

We’re also always working on ways to make our offering more sustainable. We've already committed to using 100% recycled paper packaging and planting trees for each order. In fact, in 2021 alone we planted over 7000 trees. We are also introducing recycled fabrics and materials to our product line, including our new Evo Jersey (pictured below).

Together, the two of us do virtually every part of the business ourselves – from designing our own garment models, designing the prints and patterns that then go on them, designing and running the website, creating and editing product photography, running our social channels, packing orders, answering queries, fixing crashed kit... even writing this About Us page.

We also help bring customers' own kit visions to life through our custom kit offering, Attacus Custom.

 Founders Jimmi and Emily

New owners Dan & Lindsay

In fact, the only part we don't do in-house is physically make the garments. Currently the vast majority of our products are made by one small manufacturer in Italy which we have been working with very closely pretty much since our inception. Like us, they're a small operation, and over the years they've become like family to us. 

So that's us in a nutshell. Take a look around our website if you fancy, we hope you like what you see, and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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