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The Big Attacus Sale

Another sale? Hang on... what's going on?

Hey pals, hope you're good! You've probably noticed that we've been unusually generous with our discounts lately and we appreciate it may have left you wondering what's going on.

Well don't worry, we're all good. The truth is we’re in the process of making some big changes to how our business works, and part of that involves adjusting how much stock we hold.

We recently wrote a blog outlining the future of Attacus and the changes we're making.

If you don't fancy a big read right now, that's cool. What we can say is that Attacus is not going anywhere. We’ll still be here making cycling kit and doing fun stuff.

In the meantime we hope you enjoy the sales. If you're in the market for some new kit, you'll find savings on everything from jerseys and shorts to gilets, warmers, jackets, accessories and more. Dig in!

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