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Sizing updates to our Men's Foundation Windproof Vests from Dec 2020

We're always striving to make our products the very best they can be. Part of that process is about listening to feedback from the people who buy and wear our clothing week-in, week-out.

So, we've made some important tweaks to our men's Windproof Vests to ensure a more comfortable fit.

If you've never bought a Windproof Vest from us before, stop reading this now and scroll straight down to our 2020 Size Guides section below. There you'll find loads of helpful information about how to measure yourself and find your perfect size. You'll also be able to find a size guide at the bottom of each product page when our new pieces go live. 

If you have bought a Windproof Vest previously and want to find out how last year's sizing compares to this year's, keep reading.

What's new?

Listening to sizing feedback, the main takeaway was that while those wearing smaller sizes thought they fit great, those at the larger end thought they could be a little bigger.

So, we've introduced a new sizing system to allow us to make the bigger sizes bigger, while keeping the smaller ones the same. 

We've also introduced a new 'Waist/Belly' column to our size guide, to give you an even better idea of how things will fit.

If you already own one of our Windproof Vests and really like the fit, we've compiled a chart below of the changes we've made to help you find your size.

We'd also recommend that you scroll down and check out our new Size Guide and double check what size you fall into before ordering.

2020 SIZE What's changed?
XS No change
S No change
M No change
L This is bigger than our original L, but smaller than our original XL. If you're unsure of where you now sit, we'd recommend having a look at our new size chart
XL Equivalent of our original 2XL
2XL This is slightly bigger than our original 3XL, but smaller than what would have been a 4XL. If you're unsure of where you now sit, we'd recommend having a look at our new size chart
3XL This is a brand new size! If you found our original 3XL too snug and wished you could just go up a size, this could be the one for you. Have a look at our size chart for more info and get measured up


New Men's Size Guide

Attacus size guide

This vest is an outer layer that is likely to be worn over multiple seasons, layer, so we've been designed to fit slightly looser than our Foundation Jerseys in order to accommodate full pockets and layers being worn underneath.

  1. CHEST: Start by measuring your chest all the way around at the fullest part with your arms by your sides. Don't rely on your shirt or suit size. Then use this number to see which size options you fall into from our size chart below.
  2. BELLY: Next, measure your belly/waist all the way around at the fullest part. This'll usually be around your belly button. Don't rely on your jeans or trousers waist size. Then use this number to see where you fall on our size chart. If your chest and belly measurements put you in two different size brackets, we'd recommend opting for the larger size. 
  3. ZIP LENGTH: Use the number in the zip length column to work out how each size will fit on you, and make sure you're happy with the length. Keep in mind that our Foundation Vest has a high collar, so the zip will start just below your chin.
  4. FIT: Do you fall into more than one size bracket? Then we'd recommend considering how you want your kit to fit. Do you like it close fitting? Or prefer it a little looser? Make sure your chosen size selection reflects how you like to wear it.

STILL IN DOUBT? GET IN TOUCH: If you're still unsure, email us on and we'll be happy to assist you. We'll always start by asking if you've measured yourself and where your measurements put you on our size chart, so it's definitely worth doing this first. We may then be able to offer a bit of extra guidance on how it'll fit.

Chest 81 - 91 86 - 94 94 - 99 99 - 106 106 - 112 112 - 119 119 - 126
Belly Up to 84 Up to 89 Up to 92 Up to 98 Up to 104 Up to 110 Up to 116
Zip length 52 53 54 55 57 59.5 61
Chest 32 - 36 34 - 37 37 - 39 39 - 42 42 - 44 44 - 47 47 - 50
Belly Up to 33 Up to 35 Up to 36 Up to 39 Up to 41 Up to 43 Up to 46
Zip length 20.5 21 21 21.5 22.5 23.5 24
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