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What to wear in Spring and Autumn? A guide to our cycling kit

Dressing appropriately for transitional seasons like spring and autumn can be tricky. The weather can be unpredictable, and you can find yourself riding through lots of different temperatures and conditions in the same ride.

But by combining a few key layers with packable accessories that can be changed mid-ride, you'll be able to navigate changeable weather conditions.

So to help you pick the right kit for your rides, we've put together our ultimate spring and autumn kit guide, pack full of all of the go-to Attacus pieces and how to layer them.

Long Sleeve Foundation Jersey

Our Long Sleeve Foundation Jersey is a lightweight jersey designed for milder spring and autumn conditions. It’s essentially the same cut and fabric weight as our short sleeve foundation jersey, so it’s ideal for days when you just need to take a bit of the chill off of your arms.

Pair it with outer layers such as our Foundation Windproof Vest or Shield Jacket for added warmth without too much bulk.

Thermal 2 Long Sleeve Jersey

For crisp, colder days, the Thermal 2 Long Sleeve Jersey is a great option. Made from fully recycled fabric, this stretchy, fleece-lined jersey will provide plenty of warmth. For days where the wind is high, we’d recommend layering this jersey with our Foundation Windproof Vest.

Foundation Windproof Vest

Vests, or gilets as they're also known, are really underrated pieces of kit. This versatile wind blocker works by trapping warm air close to your core. The front of the vest contains a windproof membrane which blocks cold gusts and headwinds, while the back is breathable and stretchy enough to accommodate full jersey pockets. It's lightweight and packable, making it easy to carry in your pocket or bar bag. It may look thin, but don't be fooled, you'll absolutely feel the benefit when you're riding downhill or straight into a headwind.

Put it on or take it off during your ride to regulate your temperature in changing conditions. A two-way zip aids temperature regulation, and allows for easy access to jersey pockets.

Shield Jacket

The Shield Jacket is a fully windproof and water resistant mid-weight jacket. Durable water repellent (DWR) coated and with a build-in water and windproof membrane, it's going to block wind, trap warm air close to your core and stop drizzly showers from soaking into your clothes and making you cold.

It's the sort of jacket you'd keep on for the whole ride rather than pulling out of a pocket – and with a two-way zip to aid temperature regulation, external open pockets and a waterproof zipped pocket, it's a great cold day out option.

Depending on if you naturally run more hot or cold, and on how hard the ride is, you may choose to pair the Shield Jacket with a lightweight under layer like the Long Sleeve Foundation Jersey. Or for the coldest days (sub 7C sort of range) and/or light showery days, a Thermal 2 Long Sleeve Jersey may be a good option with this jacket.


Arm, knee and leg warmers

These handy accessories were literally made for spring and autumn. Fleece lined, packable, wind resistant and DWR coated to offer water repellency, these versatile pieces of kit are a godsend on days when the weather forecast is changeable. Start with a short sleeve jersey and shorts as a base, then add or remove the warmers throughout your ride as needed to help regulate your temperature and cover your extremities.

We also stock a tech wash kit which can be used to clean clothing and equipment without damaging the DWR coating and revitalise water repellency.

Lightweight full finger gloves

Lightweight gloves are a great bit of kit to have in your cycling arsenal. They can help prevent calluses and blisters caused by handlebar friction, and will help take the edge off on cooler days. Our Lightweight Full Finger Gloves are unpadded and easily packable. The suede-like fabric on the palm feels super soft against your skin, while silicone detailing on the outside offers excellent grip. 

Lightweight Neck Warmer

Made from a soft, lightweight fabric similar in weight to our Long Sleeve Foundation Jerseys, these neck warmers are designed to act as a windbreaker layer for cooler days, without adding too much bulk or heat. Available in colours which complement our cold weather garments, they make a great addition to any spring or autumn wardrobe.


The conditions you're riding in will dictate whether tights or shorts will be more appropriate. Our Thermal Tights are fleece lined, wind resistant and DWR coated to offer water repellency, so are a great option for cold, drizzly days when the weather is forecast to be consistent.

If the weather is fair or likely to be changeable, our Foundation, Adventure or Evo Shorts, paired with knee or leg warmers will offer more flexible temperature regulation.

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